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 PLEASE READ: Rules for the Forum

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PLEASE READ: Rules for the Forum Empty
PostSubject: PLEASE READ: Rules for the Forum   PLEASE READ: Rules for the Forum EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 7:09 pm

1 ) Be Respectful: Alright this is the GOLDEN rule that everyone should know about: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Please do your best to be caring towards others on the forum because we don't want to start any issues or drama on the forums. This isn't a damn chic flic where drama happens every friggin' second, THIS IS POKEMON!! So please keep this rule in mind and try to always think before you type so you know that your next post won't start any issues with other people.

2 ) Don't overuse mod power: Please don't use your 'mod' powers to be a control freak because if you start doing that, you will defiantly get a warning. Then after that your little mod powers will be gone with a snap of my fingers. However that doesn't give everyone the excuse to get beg for someone to be stepped down from the mod position. Let the admin(s) take care of the issues...

3 ) Don't abuse Private Messages: Please try to restrain from constantly spamming other people, especially someone you don't know. You never know how it could bother someone and how annoying it could be towards the person. If you are going to private message someone, please make it appropriate and try to restrain from advertising from someone.

4 ) Don't Spam: Please please please please please please please don't spam like how I just did. I'm sure if you made a thread you would hate it if people just said the same thing over and over, or constantly post irrelevant things. Use your common sense, and post for a reason, not to be ignorant and cause frustration.

5 ) Don't Bully: Don't pick on someone when you know it could be resulting into negative emotion even if you think the person might get your "sarcasm". Sometimes the people around you may think that you actually are messing with someone. A tip for this is to mention that you are "joking/kidding" but don't think that will give you a ticket to bully someone without getting in trouble or caught... we aren't stupid.

6 ) Please refrain from Double Posts: Don't double post in the same comment, just go back and edit your post. The only exception that I can think of is that your post is being ignored and you want to "bump" it back up to the top to gain a little more attention. But once people are posting in your thread, don't even think about doing it again. The edit button exists for a reason!

7 ) Don't whine to refs: Referees work really hard at refereeing and it does take a large toll out of you. Now if the admin(s) keep hearing the same complaints, then we will figure out what's going on. But please don't blame the refs if you lose or whatever, just try again next time or train. Also keep in mind if the ref messed up in battle, just rewind back to the place where the ref began to mess up and start there again.

8 ) Stay appropriate: Please be appropriate with the people around you, busting a "that's what she said" joke is just going to cause glares and annoyance. It's ok if you do it with your friends, but on these forums refrain from that, please. I don't even want to see anything about porn or none of that shit. If I see anything like that then you will be banned PERIOD... no exceptions...

9 ) Don't Advertise: Don't advertise things outside of this forum. If you do then you are bound to get a warning or a ban. If you want to advertise, go somewhere else because these forums don't have time for your business/projects/etc.

10 ) Don't Commit Illegal Activities: Don't hack this site or try any sly tricks. If you try selling anything or try to hack on the forums on here you will be banned no exceptions.
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PLEASE READ: Rules for the Forum
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