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 Ref Quiz and Test

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PostSubject: Ref Quiz and Test   Ref Quiz and Test EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 8:54 pm

If you would like to become a ref, please take this quiz and submit it to an admin. Once submitted you will be asked to ref a trainer battle and a ranger battle. If you get caught cheating you will have to start the quiz over.


Part I Trainer Battles:

1) What do you do when you mess up during the battle?

White out the following:

2) Female Cyndaquil with -1 defense VS Male Chikorita damaged by 4 HP

3) Male Wartortle with -3 def and damaged by 5 VS Male Squirtle that is damaged by 2. Add the rainy weather condition.

4) Female Tentacool uses Acid, Female Garchomp uses Giga Impact in the next second. What happens?

5) Genderless Starmie uses Hydro Pump, Male Pikachu uses Quick Attack in the next second. What happens?

6) Male Bulbasaur uses Solar Beam, Female Marill uses Water Gun in the next second. What happens?

Command Questions:

7) What does the command attack do?

Cool What does the command defend do?

9) What does the command item do?

10) What does the command dodge do?

11) What does the command sidestep do?

12) What does the command struggle do?

13) What does the command switch do?

14) Male Dragonite uses hyper beam on a male Hitmontop that's using the struggle command. What happens?

15) How many seconds does it take for a pokemon to use 1 HIT KO moves?

16) Can a pokemon recieve 0 damage?

17) Type out the evolution system in your own words

Stat Modifiers:

18) Male Swampert has -1 accuracy VS Weedle has -3 evasion. Swampert uses hydro pump. What happens?

18) Male Tepig has +3 accuracy VS Female Weedle has +5 evasion. Tepig uses flame charge. What happens?

19) Female Mothim uses Silver Wind in 2 seconds, Female Rattata uses quick attack in the next second. What happens?

20) Male Remoraid uses Watergun on a female Onix with a poison condition. What happens to Remoraid after the attack?

21) A female Aipom uses fake out on a male Ghastly in the beginning of battle. What happens?

22) Wild Male Ralts has 5/20 hp left. What is the ratio of the pokemon being caught?

23) Wild female Tyranitar has 39/65 hp left. What is the ratio of the pokemon being caught?

24) Wild male Hitmonchan has 34/45 hp left. What is the ratio of the pokemon being caught?

25) Wild genderless Ho-oh has 21/100 hp left. What is the ratio of the pokemon being caught?

Part II Ranger Captures:

26) How much HP would a Bulbasaur have during a capture?

27) How much HP would a Pidgey have during a capture?

28) How much HP would a Dragonite have during a capture?

29) How much HP would a Groudon have during a capture?

30) How much HP would a Dragonair have during a capture?

31) How much HP is taken if you swirl?

32) How many exp points is needed for the Capture Styler to rank up?

33) How much damage would be done to the Capture Line if a Dragonite uses hyper beam during a swirl technique?

34) What rewards do you get at rank 2?

35) What rewards do you get at rank 10?

36) What is the percentage of lifting the capture disc?

37) How much of the pokemon's health gauge is taken when you use a quick swirl?

38) I use a pokeassist with a bulbasaur and the opponent is a charmander. How much does the stylus do whenever I swirl on the pokemon?

-Once you are done with the quiz pm it to a mod/admin. They will grade it and they will ask you to do part 2 of the test.-
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Ref Quiz and Test
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