A pokemon chat game where your adventures matter.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 11:15 pm

-What is the Pokemon Adventures Game?-

Pokemon Adventures is a pokemon game where you adventure with your friends and battle in real time in a chat-room. However, this game is unique for many reasons... one of the biggest reasons why it's so unique is the fact that you can have a different type of role in this game, unlike most pokemon games only allowing to you play as a pokemon trainer or ranger. This game is a fun opportunity to explore and train for your goals as if you were actually doing things in real time. This all sounds confusing right now, but once you play the game the lightbulb will soon click and you will be having lots of fun!

-So where do I begin?-

In order to begin, make sure you create a topic in the character section so you can put all of your created characters in your thread. Then when you play the game, you can go back to your stats for reference. (See "Stats" page to see how you should make your stats). Make sure you keep track of your own character's data, meaning you edit your pokemon's stats as you progress.

If you have any questions go here: http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/ . The main channel will be #PokeAdvGame

-What can I do here?-

- One of the things you can do here is create an unlimited number of characters.

-You can take part in different types of pokemon events like battling, rescuing, contests, etc. Due to the different roles there are, your characters can be very unique and take a unique path in the pokemon role.

-You can meet new friends, rivals, and possibly enemies as your character(s) journey through the game. It's a great experience!

-So after I have a character made, then what?-

After a character is made, and you have read all of the introduction... you are ready to start playing the game! Once your character is made you can now adventure off with your character(s)!
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