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 UmbreonWolf Character Sheet

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UmbreonWolf Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: UmbreonWolf Character Sheet   UmbreonWolf Character Sheet EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 10:10 pm



Job: Pokemon Trainer

Appearence: A girl with messy blonde/brown hair and Hazel eyes. She wears mismatched clothes and a blue and black scarf. She has a black backwards hat with a blue moon on it that she made herself.

Important Info: N/A


Hazel 8/10 HP

On hand:

(Moon) (*Eevee*) HP: 6/20 HP, ♂ 1/10 EXP (Tail whip, Tackle, Helping hand)
(Nickname) (Pikachu) HP: 20/20 HP, ♂ 0/10 EXP (Growl, Thundershock)


Money: 100 ¥

Box Pokemon:

Last Location: Professor Oak's Lab

(( Just fixed your stats up and added the pikachu before you had to go… have fun! - DaiRef ))
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UmbreonWolf Character Sheet
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