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 Nisra's pokemon Fanfic (Warning, Gore)

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Nisra's pokemon Fanfic (Warning, Gore) Empty
PostSubject: Nisra's pokemon Fanfic (Warning, Gore)   Nisra's pokemon Fanfic (Warning, Gore) EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 6:27 am

Hey everyone! SO i made the start of a fanfiction not that long ago. It took a long time to think up. Please give me some feed back on if you like it or how I could imporove ^^.

~Nisra xx

‘’Now now, Rhy, no need to fight.’’ My mother would say when my brother and I fought. We were vicious little Eevee. I was always a rebel, never listening to my teachers, parents, siblings or any adults of any kind or type. Father ruffled my hair ‘’leave the guy alone’’ he chuckled ‘’He’s just having fun’’ Dad had always favoured me. We led a good life; we were well fed, watered, plenty of things to do, and had lots of attention. I locked onto my brother and tackled him. He bit me but I ignored it, countering with a small shadow ball. I had just learned shadow ball at the time. We were playing, mother and father watching, laughing at us, when their ears pricked. They turned, hearing a growl. ‘’Get to cover’’ Dad said calmly, yet not in his normal voice. It was deeper, darker. I whined in rejection but he growled at me ‘’it’s for your own safety. So either you hide or die!’’ he was frightening me, threatening me but it was for my own good. I grabbed koren-my brother- by the scruff of his neck and hid behind a huge oak tree. Koren whined, he hated being picked up and moved like this, but he needed to be quiet. ‘’Shut up brat!’’ I hiss at him. He stopped and hung there, quivering with fear, I don’t know why I was so harsh to him, this wasn’t me. I hear a blood curdling howl from the other side, where my parents were. I looked behind the tree and gasped in shock and horror. A large wolf-like creature snapped at my mother’s neck. A sound as if snapping a twig echoed as my mother let out a sheer scream of pain while her broken neck squirted blood everywhere. The wolf spat out the bone of her neck and tossed it away, snarling after turning its gaze to my dad. ‘’Giona!’’ he screamed, his eyes welling up with tears. Dad growled at the wolf and lashed at its face, leaving a deep wound, although it was a flesh wound. The wolf spat at my dad, growling. It towered over dad and let out a beam of fire at him. It must be a houndoom. Dad let out a horrible screech as he was engulfed in flames, his fur burning off and tearing at his flesh. The houndoom extinguished the flamed and ripped at dads remaining, burnt flesh. He threw parts out though. His organs flew everywhere, blood splattered trees and soaked its face. He licked his lips thinking dad was tasty. My claws flashed out as my cheeks were soaked in blood and tears. ‘’MOM! DAD!’’ I shouted, lashing out at the Houndoom. I deepened the wound my dad made, making it bleed heavily. The houndoom shrieked at me, its blood pouring out. He swiped at me sending me flying into a tree. I whined, my leg was fractured. I tried walking on it, it hurt like hell, but I had to protect my brother. I started to charge a shadow ball but was hit again by a pulse of what seemed to be pure darkness. I hit another tree and slumped down, my leg had shattered and blood poured out of it as did my strength. I gritted my teeth to ease the pain but was soon pinned. Its jaws opened, a red glow appeared in the back of its throat. It was about to punish me and kill me like my dad. My eyes widened, my strange blue pupils shrunk. ‘’NOO!’’ I screamed and a shadow ball went flying in its mouth. It winced and fell back; it got up but keeled over itself and threw up molten lava. It staggered up again, holding its stomach down. Muzzle foaming, eyes bloodshot and claws out. It was NOT happy. It pounced at me again but I dodge. Now I’m way faster than it. It launches a head butt at me, causing me to stagger. I recover but put weight on my broken leg, I squeal in pain and collapse. I grip my leg and cry. The houndoom towers over my defenceless body. He sniggers before his jaws once again open, orange flame fills the back of his throat. He was about to kill me but he stopped. His ears perked, his eyes shifted and he turned around. He sniffed the air hard and started walking. I lay against the tree, blood guts and flesh covered the whole area. I stiffened as I released my paw from my leg. My paw was bright red. I felt faint. My eyes fluttered and the world spun. I fell and the world went black.
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Nisra's pokemon Fanfic (Warning, Gore)
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