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 Character Sheets [Haruka_]

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Character Sheets [Haruka_] Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheets [Haruka_]   Character Sheets [Haruka_] EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 2:27 am

Name: Haruka
Age: 16
Money: 1,900
Area: Vielstone City
Badges: forest badge, cobble badge

Pokemon Trainer


Character Sheets [Haruka_] T1297214003185f7ca5901206e5fb6b8aa83aca8919b8

Trainer: 10/10 HP


[Piplup][Pip][female] 20/20 HP 3/10 EXP [moves:] (Pound, Growl, Bubbles, Water Sport)
[Munchlax][Munchlax][male] 15/15 HP 6/10 EXP [moves:] (Tackle, Metranome, Odor Slueth, Defense Curl, Amnesia, Lick, Recycle, Screech, Chip Away)
[Aipom][Aipom][male] 20/20 HP 0/10 EXP [moves:] (scratch, tail whip)
[Pikachu][Pikachu][male] 20/20 HP 2/10 EXP [moves:] (Growl, ThunderShock, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave)
[Starly][Starly][female] 20/20 HP 2/10 EXP [moves:] (Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack)

T M Grass knot
T M Drain Punch
Bottle [filled with water]
x 1 Pokeballs
x 2 Super Potions
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Character Sheets [Haruka_]
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