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 Yellow's Character Sheet

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Yellow's Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Yellow's Character Sheet   Yellow's Character Sheet EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 8:34 pm


Name: Kazuma

Age: 15

Job: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Having dark, sliky black hair, with strands of highlighted blue, And Blue eyes that shine like stars, zthis beautiful feline is ready for action. She has a black T-Shirt, with the logo of a Pokeball, that is white and green. She wears a dark blue skirt, accomponied by long, black socks and Combat Boots. She also has fingerless gloves, that give off a beautiful shine of white due to it's blackness.

Important Information: Loves noodles, hates to be talked to alot, a bit cocky, loves to fight, an obsesssion with Blastoise, loves the color Blue, and also has the small side goal to become Pokemon League Champion.


Trainer: 10/10 HP

On Hand:

[Mori] | [Squirtle] | [Male] | 20/20 HP | 0/10 EXP (Tackle)

Items: [None]

Box Pokemon:

[Nickname] | [Pokemon] | [Gender] | 20/20 HP | 0/10 EXP (Moves)

Last Location: [None]


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Yellow's Character Sheet
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