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 LimeJuice's Character Sheet

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PostSubject: LimeJuice's Character Sheet   Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:06 pm

Name: Peighton

Age: 17

Job: N/A. Wants to be a pokemon breeder.

Appearance: Very tall at 6'8. Also very skinny, pretty much underweight, wears a loose fitting cyan jacket and jeans, likes to carry around a light blue scarf in case of cold weather. Has ruffled black hair and green eyes.


Trainer: 10/10 HP

On Hand:

[Brave] | [Pidgey] | [Male] | 20/20 HP | 1/10 EXP (Tackle, Sand Attack)


Pokeball x0
(other items go here)

Box Pokemon:

None yet

Last Location: Nuvema Town
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LimeJuice's Character Sheet
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