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 Mrsanity's character sheet

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PostSubject: Mrsanity's character sheet   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:38 pm

Name: Alex Sanity

Age: 14

Job: Pokemon breeder

Appearance: Ginger hair, blue eyes, skinny, tall, blue jacket over white T-shirt, black jeans.

Important Information: Had an amazing childhood, he got to play with loads of pokemon and is hoping one day he will be able to cross breed them. He doesn’t catch many pokemon, only ones he think have potential or ones he gets given.


Trainer: 10/10 HP

On Hand:

Trapinch, Trapinch, female, 20/20 HP, 2/10 EXP, (Bite, Sand Attack, Faint Attack)
-Paka, Pichu, female, 15/15 HP, 0/8 EXP, (Thundershock\charm)-


Box Pokemon:

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Mrsanity's character sheet
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