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 Give-away's Q & A

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PostSubject: Give-away's Q & A   Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:30 pm

okay. just to get this little part of the forum I added a little backsotry of some sort, ehre's a Q&A on what it is.

Q ''What does Give-away mean?''

A ''It means something given to you with out the need to pay or swap/trade it for something.''

Q ''Why would you do give-aways? Doesn't it encourage people to just wait here for something they want?''

A ''We do give-aways because some members and staff are rather deserving of this sort of thing. Not nessisarily as they need to do certain things to obtain anything from the Give-aways section.''

Q ''what kind of things will I need to do to obtain somehthing form here?''

A ''This is answered here; [COMING SOON.] And on certain occations, admins or reffs may give them away as presents for special occations; E.G birthdays, christmas.''

Any other questions you have, PM them to myelf [Nisra] or to any other member of staff.
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Give-away's Q & A
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