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 peacecarson's characters

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PostSubject: peacecarson's characters   Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:29 pm



Job: Pokemon Trainer


Important Information:Mom died at a young age. Dad used to beat her until she was removed and adopted by a woman named yuki.


Trainer: 10/10 HP

On Hand:

[Ricky] | [Pikachu] | [Male] | 20/20 HP | 0/10 EXP (ThunderShock,Growl)

[Spear] | [Spearow] | [male] | 20/20 HP | 0/10 EXP (Peck,Growl,leer)

Items: 100money, pokeball
Box Pokemon:

Last Location: [Name of area you were before leaving the game]
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peacecarson's characters
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