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 List of Jobs

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-What are jobs?-

Jobs are roles that your characters have as they adventure through the pokemon world. They have specific abilities that the other jobs wouldn't offer, however it's possible to have multiple jobs depending on how much you adventure through the pokemon world. Keep in mind that as time goes on new jobs will possibly open up. Jobs are very important in the pokemon world because they bring your character to life. Of course, not every character has to have a job, but they do play an important part in bringing the world to life. You can get rid of or add jobs as you adventure. The list below are the jobs you can give your character:

-How do I get jobs?-

Your character can start out with any of the jobs below. You can get more than one job or change jobs by going to either the Pokemon Association Buildings (Goldenrod, Jubilife, Saffron, Castelia, or Lilicove) or obtain it from a ref through adventuring.

Commoner: A commoner is an everyday citizen in the pokemon world who lives a normal lifestyle. Commoners don't have any pokemon on hand in a pokeball, in fact commoners don't even use pokeballs like trainers. This is the default class for people who don't want to have pokemon during the start of their adventure or at all. Commoners also get the privilege to be a student or have jobs under the different classes/jobs, but they can't necessarily be apart of them. However, if you are a commoner you can have pokemon as pets, but if you challenge people to battles, contests, etc. you are not being a commoner anymore. This option is also for those who wish to just rp instead of participate in the actual game portion.

Pokemon Trainer: Pokemon Trainers travel around the pokemon world training their pokemon to become stronger, not only to increase their strength and power but to create a stronger bond with their pokemon. Pokemon trainers usually obtain badges, although that might not be their main goal as a trainer. However, there are also trainers that harm their pokemon and use them as tools instead of as friends and partners.

Pokedex Holder: Pokedex holders use their pokedexs to record information and they are used to collect data for professors to learn from. This job can be quite useful when you want to learn more about pokemon and gain a little money after collecting data from a certain pokemon and giving it to the professor. However the pokedex has interesting functions that allow you to learn with.

Pokemon Coordinator: Pokemon coordinators participate in pokemon contests. These contests consist of different types of appeals like visual, dance, and moves. Pokemon Coordinators work hard on making their pokemon look good and they work on their performances to train for the real thing. Coordinators also try to gain new materials and gain new recipes for poffin to enhance the pokemon's sheen and looks.

Pokemon Ranger: Pokemon rangers help rescue pokemon and people by using their capture stylers. Capture stylers are tools used to capture wild pokemon and command them to help you. As a ranger you have different quests and missions requested of you from your ranger base or headquarters.

Pokemon Breeder: Pokemon breeders get familiarized with pokemon breeding and they try to get familiarized with the pokemon breeding patterns. Sadly, no pokemon breeder has ever seen or will probably never see a pokemon breed, however they can increase the chances of pokemon breeding with research.

Pokemon Nurse: Pokemon nurses heal pokemon and people alike. They are skilled with healing pokemon and people alike even if they are on the road traveling, with the right materials of course. Pokemon nurses can work in Pokemon Centers and are paid by the Pokemon Association to heal pokemon and people.

Poke Mart Shopkeeper: Poke Mart Shopkeepers run or work in a pokemart or department store. They sell many different kinds of items for pokemon and humans. Poke Mart Shopkeepers focus on gaining money from their business, so if you are a shop keeper you might gain money as trainers visit your shop. You are funded items the more money you give to the Pokemon Association.

Pokemon Gym Leader: Gym Leaders are skilled trainers that run a gym. Once a gym leader is defeated, a badge is handed to the trainer as well as money and other forms of prizes. (Note: You cannot necessarily own a gym that already exists in the Pokemon world. However, in a certain location you can have your own gym where you can hand out your own badges and get prizes. Once your gym is approved by the Pokemon Association you are allowed to build your gym in that area. Money and a TM of choice is given to you by the Pokemon Association to hand out to trainers, so there is no need to panic when you lose.)

Pokemon Professor: A pokemon professor is a pokemon expert who researches different things about pokemon. They usually hand out pokedexs to trainers who they believe will record data about pokemon during their travels. They travel a lot throughout the regions accordi

Pokemon Officer: A Pokemon officer is a police officer that helps keep everything in order and prevent crime. They help keep citizens and pokemon safe from harm. The Pokemon Association funds the officers as they protect people from evil threats and crime.

Pokemon Sailor: Pokemon sailors control ships that travel overseas to different regions and islands. They are a great way to transport to the different regions. Once an application is filed to the Pokemon Association to own a boat, they will fun you the boat in order for you to create your own business from it.

Pokemon Pilot: Pokemon pilots fly planes that travel to regions that are far apart. Most of the planes are in Unova and they make their way to the other regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Once an application is filed to the Pokemon Association to own a plane, they will fun you the boat in order for you to create your own business from it.

Pokemon Team Grunt: Grunts do most of the work and fighting for the team and they receive jobs and tasks from the admins and leaders. They are usually drawn into a group through intention or by force.

Pokemon Team Admin: Pokemon team admins are the leaders of an organization or group of people. These people have an objective in the world and they are close to their Leader. They are usually the Team Leader's trusted and strongest trainers.

Pokemon Team Leader: Leaders are the masterminds of an organization or group of people. These are the founders or co-founders of the group and lead the cause. Most team leaders have bad intentions and in order to fulfill their goal and they don't want to be stopped no matter what.

Pokemon Associate: A pokemon associate is apart of the pokemon association, a governing group that handles legislation regarding pokemon. They help set up contests, musicals, Elite Four Tournaments, and other types of business all over the pokemon world. They are the ones that created the different kinds of battling and laws. Their headquarters is located in Goldenrod City and their other business buildings are located in Saffron City, Castelia City, Lilicove City, and Jubilife City.
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List of Jobs
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