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 Custom items

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PostSubject: Custom items   Custom items EmptySat Apr 07, 2012 7:12 am

Hello everyone, Nisra here.

This is my first announcement on this forum therefor it will be lacking in size. But anyway, as you might know or might not, I released a poll asking if people wanted custom items into the game. 2 people voted yes and 1 person said they didn't mind. I will leave the poll up for 2 more weeks ONLY After that, custom items will be added or not and that will be FINAL.

Also, if you haven't noticed i'm not very active at all right now and that would be because I'm making LOADS of custom items that will slowly be introduced if it goes through. If not they will be scrapped and I will be active again. But I also wanted to know if you guys have any decent idea's for custom items as you can't please a user with an admins choice, you must please a uer with their own choice. So, i've made pokeball templated that MAY BE CHANGED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM as long as the ideas are original. I will be including the bases here and will edit it every day adding a new base. (e.g: tomorrow will be potions, hte next day stylers ect ect)

Bases so far: Custom items Pokeba10

I know they're not top notch but they will do.

Thank you,

~Nisra xx
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Custom items
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