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 Bluekingboy's Character Sheets

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Bluekingboy's Character Sheets Empty
PostSubject: Bluekingboy's Character Sheets   Bluekingboy's Character Sheets EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 12:26 am

Job: Pokemon Trainer/Criminal
Appearance: Tall man with black hair. Wears a purple suit lined in dark green. Carries around a can with a blade hidden in the handle.

On Hand Info: Jack: 10/10 hp
||| Job: Pokemon Trainer/Criminal
Gible♂: 20/20 hp, 3/10 exp (Tackle, Sand Attack, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm)
||| Items: 400 ¥ Super Rod Last Location: Ecruteak City

Vic: 8/10 hp ||| Job: Owner of the game corner Dratini♂: 20/20 hp, 3/10 exp (Wrap, Leer, Thunder wave, Twister, Dragon Rage) ||| Cyndaquil♂: 15/20 hp, 2/10 exp (Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember) ||| Ditto: 20/20 hp, 0/10 exp (Transform) |||
Last Location:Nuvema Town
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Bluekingboy's Character Sheets
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